Educational Kinesiology






   As a minister dedicated to assisting people in contacting their own spirit and inner direction, I encourage the emergence of the individual’s true nature.  This supports you to sort through your issues and gain the calm clarity you need to tackle big decisions.

   In my capacity as a Pastoral Counselor, I bring a spiritual perspective to my work with you.  As part of bringing you greater self-acceptance, clarity, inner peace and harmony, I also am willing to confront misinformation and to help you question your thoughts.   I listen deeply, creating a safe space; this allows you permission to talk about profoundly painful issues so you may release their affect upon you.

   With many different skills, talents and tools available, I work with people of all ages.   Listening carefully and understanding emotions comes from 20+ years of sitting in Council Circle; participating in Re-evaluation Co-Counseling and Attitude Reconstruction.  Becoming a mediator was the natural next step; I love facilitating the process of helping clients to finally hear each other and find a win-win resolution to conflicts.  Educational Kinesiology (Brain Gym®) is an amazing technology that has allowed me to make possible true shifts for my clients so that they can really move forward towards their goals.  Pan Harmonic healing has added a whole new level of healing to my work.  My “day job,” in the past, was as an accountant for small businesses.  This background taught me to work with people in a grounded way concerning practical decisions, like budgeting and planning.  I help transform lives by healing, coaching, educating and balancing.

Multi-Dimensional Perspective Integrated Into Healing Work through Cross Cultural Experiences

*      Lived in Venezuela from ages 6 – 9, and experienced a very different way of life than the California middle class in which I grew up.

*      BA Degree in Cultural Anthropology

*      Travel is one of my passions.  In 1969, at age 19, I spent 5 months traveling through 13 countries in Europe.  Each country was unique in fashion, culture, food, and language. 

*      My parents lived in Singapore for 6 years, creating the opportunity for me to visit Asia. 

*      My brother has not lived in the US for the past 41 years.  He has been living in Venezuela for the past 15 years, so we have been back a number of times. 

*      My daughter just returned from living in Afghanistan, spent a few months in Ghana, and has lived in Spain and Italy at different times, as well.  She has brought many different, new perspectives and people into my life.



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