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   In my studies over the years, I have mastered a myriad of techniques that facilitate a person’s ability to heal their issues. The most important thing is, I see the good in people; their highest selves.  I create a safe space for my clients and loving way as they talk, cry, scream, or yell; releasing their deepest “stuck” emotions.  This allows them to move to a lighter place where they can look at their life and situations in a new way and make fresh decisions.  I trust each person’s own guidance, knowing they will be able to know what to do next.

   The Pan Harmonic Healing technology offers healing on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.  Over the past 23 years, Valerie Girard developed this powerful line of energetic healing. This includes work that allows clients to heal from shock, traumas and emotional issues, as well as physiological and psychological imbalances.  Employing energetic medicine, this technique reprograms the body to move towards ultimate balance and awareness, allowing for clearing and releasing stored emotions and blocks in minutes.  Ultimately, one’s path becomes easier to navigate.  I studied with Dr. Girard for 5 years and have been doing this work for the last 8 years, seeing amazing shifts in people.



   I have been developing and teaching PanHarmonic Healing for the last 23 years. Julie is my most adept student and has complete command of the work, integrating it into her own work with Educational Kinesiology and Brain Gym. Over the years, I have been pleased to send my patients to her, for I know she will take the time to deeply re-pattern their body, nervous and skeletal system as well as their consciousness. She helped our teen immensely. Julie is a force of nature and her love of the work and her clients is so clearly visible. I have complete confidence in her to always shepard a shift in whomever she treats.

Dr. Valerie Girard
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