Educational Kinesiology






I have 61 years of life experience and am an avid learner.  After graduating with a BA in Cultural Anthropology, I returned to school and learned accounting and computers.   I studied parenting intensely for many years, and then learned through the experience of my own parenting and listening to other parents and children.  I have raised five teenagers and have an easy rapport with them.  I actually love to work with teenagers.

 In the past 30 years, I have studied Council Circle, Attitude Reconstruction, Conflict Resolution, Mediation, Touch for Health, Educational Kinesiology, Brain Development and Pan Harmonic Healing.  I love to learn and easily synthesize information.

 For years I taught Conflict Resolution and Peer Mediation in local public schools.  I am a licensed Brain Gym® Instructor, teaching Brain Gym 101 and school in-services.  I do teach actual groups but also teach individuals in private sessions.  I even do some tutoring in algebra.

I bring all of my knowledge and information to my work, finding people are hungry to learn.



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