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      Parenting Groups:

    My parenting groups focus on understanding brain development, the role of reflexes in neurological development, and raising emotionally healthy children.  We create a safe space for the parents to deal with their own emotions, concerns, and questions. 

    Being a mother was my dream as long as I can remember.  As the oldest of 3 children, I learned to take care of children very young and began babysitting at the age of 9.  When my parents moved to Singapore, I became the legal guardian for my 17 year-old sister (I was not yet 21).  Then when I was 26 years old, my husband’s mother died and we became the parents for his brother (14 years old) and his sister (11 years old).  My experience as a parent began with teenagers.  I still love working with teenagers and relate well to them.  We then had two of our own children, a son and a daughter.

     I loved being a mother and threw myself wholeheartedly into the job, reading and studying in order to be a conscious parent.  I volunteered in both of their classrooms each week all the way through elementary school, then was part of PTA, Site Council, and other such parent groups through junior high and high school.  I was also an integral part of the AYSO and Little League Experiences volunteering as a coach, treasurer, score keeper and team mother.  Parenting is a passion for me and I love to work with parents to educate and support them.


A Circle for Moms

Facilitated by Julie Newendorp

Fourteen Mondays                    9:30AM to Noon                     Tuition:   $350.00 ($25 per week) January 27;   February 3, 10 & 24;   March 3, 17, and 31;   April 7, 14, 21 & 28;  May 5, 12 & 19, 2014                         


v  The goal of the circle is to support you in expressing your authentic nature, so you can raise your children to be their authentic selves.

v  We will explore how to create a supportive environment for you and your children to blossom.

v  Express and enjoy the journey of being a woman!

v  You are spiritual beings having a human and emotional experience.

This support group is for moms doing their best to be emotionally healthy.  You will feel safe and connected in this small circle, where we will explore emotional health, brain development, strategies for dealing with issues, and taking care of ourselves in a supportive, loving, non-judgmental environment.  You will learn tools to use for yourself and your family to stay balanced.

Julie Newendorp raised 4 children to be healthy, happy, productive adults.  Over thirty years ago, Julie began to study emotions and healthy child rearing through many avenues.  She is a certified family mediator, and has been working with children and families with Brain Gym® (Educational Kinesiology) for 20 years.  She has facilitated many circles including ones specifically for moms.  Being a mom, and now a grandmother, is Julie’s greatest joy.  Listening to young adults as they find their way in the world and assisting them in finding their strengths and voice has been an education in the effects of different types of parenting.


Limited to 10 Women, please call to reserve a space.  

To register: send your name, address, phone number,

email and a $100.00 deposit to: 

 Julie Newendorp, 136 Oliver Road, Santa Barbara, CA  93109

Questions, please call Julie at 963-3088 or email at mesajewel@cox.net



For more questions or to schedule an appointment contact Julie Newendorp at

(805) 963-3088 or by email at mesajewel@cox.net


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