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           It’s difficult to explain what Julie does and the descriptions on her marketing materials do not do her work justice.  All I can tell you is that it WORKS!  

           Beyond all my expectations, Julie has helped me scale walls and hurdle roadblocks that have stood in my way from achieving goals I doubted were even possible to achieve.  Whenever I feel stuck or have any doubts, struggles, or major decisions to make regarding my relationships, career, or other personal issues, I have a session with Julie.  

           Through her objective listening and insightful counsel, we gain clarity on what’s troubling me and translate it into an attainable goal.  This clarity itself is perhaps the most valuable component of the whole session for me.  To be able to recognize what it is I want to change or create for myself allows all the rest to happen effortlessly.  Then, through a series of exercises and energetic balancing, Julie helps remove my blockages (often an old belief that no longer serves me), and replace them with the tools and encouragement I need to achieve success.  

Some successes I have had working with Julie include...

 Overcoming severe stage fright

. Finding my “Mr. Right.”

 Turning distressing times with loved ones into positive growth experiences.

 Opening up a successful practice in a poor economy.

I cannot praise or recommend Julie Newendorp enough!  I know I would not be the happy, vibrant person I am today, nor brave enough to pursue my ambitions, if it weren’t for Julie.

Suzanna Young, LMT

Take 5 Bodywork



           There’s this school of thought that says if you don’t change it on the inside, you’re just rearranging what’s on the surface.  After a while this gets pretty frustrating, not to mention exhausting.  When I notice this is happening….when I feel stuck, hopeless or frustrated because I’m noticing that in spite of my best intentions I’m behaving in ways that are not in alignment with who I know I am or know I could be, I run to Julie!  First, I try some of the other tools I’ve learned over the past 20 years while doing the inner work, but sometimes I still can’t do it on my own.  Sometimes, it’s more than just a negative thought that needs to be altered. 

I’ve known Julie to always be a column of strength with infinite compassion and empathy.  She brings so much experience to the table and so much wisdom.  I deeply appreciate how quickly she can help me shift something that just hours before felt so thick and hopeless, I just couldn’t even see a more expansive possibility or solution.

At the end of many sessions, with the deepest gratitude, I’ve often said to Julie, “How do other people do it?  How do other people get through their life without these tools?”

I have left every session feeling more peaceful, more confident, empowered, happier and at ease.



              “I have been working with Julie for the past 4 years.  As a mother of two small children, Julie’s guidance arrived at the right time for me.  Her ability to listen, guide and balance has provided me with the tools I need to grow and remain present with my children.  She has taught me how to ground/ center myself; how to nurture myself so that I am available for my children.   Julie’s repertoire of gifts runs deep.  She has a personal wealth of experience in which she can draw upon to determine what your body, spirit and soul need for each particular balance. “ 

Sharon Rook


               Julie’s Heart is an apt name for her website, because Julie has a most generous heart.  Working with her is participating in an opportunity to know what it feels like to be held within a rich field of unconditional love.  She masterfully utilizes a huge repertoire of healing “tools,” employing them adeptly with spot-on intuition, great wisdom and refreshingly good common sense.  I always feel deeply nurtured and honored when Julie works with me.  She and I share an avid commitment to our spiritual development.   So when I’m with Julie, I know we are going to enjoy exploring the next, new level of awareness.  Julie facilitates these ventures with enthusiasm; shining light on my shadow with grace and good humor.  Now, that’s my idea of a good time!


Stephanie Badasci



           I have known and worked with Julie for many years and know her to be a woman of great compassion, sensitivity and grounded practicality. She recognizes the whole person and sees beyond the problem or issue. She can assist in releasing the blocks at the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels and help guide one to live a life that works. 

Sharon Gardner

Life Choice Counselor/Coach

Energy Medicine Practitioner





For more questions or to schedule an appointment contact Julie Newendorp at

(805) 963-3088 or by email at mesajewel@cox.net


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